The ZilSwap team is working hard on launching new features. Check out our roadmap to see what's in store. Meanwhile, here are ways you can make the most out of your ZWAPs:
    Make your voice heard: Use your ZWAPs to vote on ZilSwap's governance portal. Head here for more information;
    Provide liquidity: Provide liquidity by adding your ZWAP tokens into the ZWAP - ZIL liquidity pool (LP) and be rewarded with more ZWAPs;
    Compound your gains: Harvest and add your newly-earned ZWAPs back to the LP to earn even more ZWAPs;
    Access new liquidity offerings: Participate and get first dibs on ZILO; and
    HODL your $ZWAP: Just because you can :)
More features will be released in the coming months and announced on our Twitter page. Stay tuned!
Last modified 1mo ago
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