Using ZilPay on ZilSwap
For the safety of our users, the log-in via private key feature has been disabled permanently. To access your liquidity pools, please connect to ZilSwap via a ZilPay wallet.

If you do not own a ZilPay wallet, skip to section 1.2 below to learn how to set up one.
Step 1: Click on the Connect Wallet button on the top-right corner of the ZilSwap page.
Step 2: Press Connect ZilPay.
Step 3: Hit Connect on the confirmation pop-up that appears to approve the connection.
Step 4: Wait for your wallet to connect and you're done!

This section is for users who wish to import their private key (refer to section 1.2.1) or secret phrase (refer to section 1.2.2) to re-access their existing pools on ZilSwap.

Step 1: Download the ZilPay browser extension here.
Step 2: Click Create and follow as instructed.
Step 3: After successfully creating the wallet, you can import you private key by following the steps below.

Step 1: Download the ZilPay browser extension here.
Step 2: Click Restore.
Step 3: Enter your Secret Phrase and your preferred password. Next, hit Restore.
Please do not reveal your secret phrase/private key to anyone. Admins will never ask for your secret phrase/private key.
Step 4: You're done! Simply connect to ZilSwap via your ZilPay wallet to start ZWAP-in!

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1.1 How do I connect my ZilPay wallet to ZilSwap?
1.2 How can I retrieve my existing pools via a ZilPay wallet?
1.2.1 via Private Key
1.2.2 via Secret Phrase