Using ZilPay on ZilSwap

For the safety of our users, the log-in via private key feature has been disabled permanently. To access your liquidity pools, please connect to ZilSwap via a ZilPay wallet.

1.1 How do I connect my ZilPay wallet to ZilSwap?

If you do not own a ZilPay wallet, skip to section 1.2 below to learn how to set up one.

Step 1: Click on the Connect Wallet button on the top-right corner of the ZilSwap page.

Step 2: Press Connect ZilPay.

Step 3: Hit Connect on the confirmation pop-up that appears to approve the connection.

Step 4: Wait for your wallet to connect and you're done!

1.2 How can I retrieve my existing pools via a ZilPay wallet?

This section is for users who wish to import their private key (refer to section 1.2.1) or secret phrase (refer to section 1.2.2) to re-access their existing pools on ZilSwap.

1.2.1 via Private Key

Step 1: Download the ZilPay browser extension here.

Step 2: Click Create and follow as instructed.

Step 3: After successfully creating the wallet, you can import you private key by following the steps below.

1.2.2 via Secret Phrase

Step 1: Download the ZilPay browser extension here.

Step 2: Click Restore.

Step 3: Enter your Secret Phrase and your preferred password. Next, hit Restore.

Please do not reveal your secret phrase/private key to anyone. Admins will never ask for your secret phrase/private key.

Step 4: You're done! Simply connect to ZilSwap via your ZilPay wallet to start ZWAP-in!

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