General FAQs

About ZilSwap

What is ZilSwap and ZWAP?

Head over here to this article for a quick overview of what ZilSwap and ZWAP are:

Providing Liquidity

How do I provide liquidity?

You can provide liquidity by visiting the ZilSwap portal:

Help I have issues loading pools! What do I do?

A simple fix will do the trick โ€” delete "ZilSwap" under Zilpay's "Connections", disconnect your ZilPay wallet on ZilSwap, and reconnect.

Claiming Rewards

How do I claim my ZWAP rewards?

Rewards are distributed weekly. To claim your rewards, you will first need to connect your ZilPay wallet and hit the "Claim Rewards" button. The amount of ZWAPs you are elligble to claim for that week will be listed under "Unclaimed Rewards".

If you do not see your ZWAP being credited to your ZilPay wallet, please allow for the transaction to process for a minute before refreshing the page.

How do I claim all my rewards if I have multiple epochs worth of rewards unclaimed?

Every epoch's reward claim is a separate transaction (one reward distribution per week, every Wednesday). If you have multiple claims to make, claim your first reward, hit refresh, and click on the ZWAP window again to claim your next epoch's reward.


Which wallets are supported on ZilSwap?

ZilSwap currently only supports ZilPay, but we are looking to support more wallets in the future. To learn more about how you can use your ZilPay wallet, read our tutorial here.

How do I connect my wallet to ZilSwap?

Click on the "Unlock Wallet" button on the top-right corner of the ZilSwap page. You will be prompted to type in your password to connect to ZilSwap. Once you're done, hit "connect" to approve the connection and you're done!

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