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Berry Bears Mini-Game

Completed on 19 Jan 2022


Berry Bears is a mini-game on the ZilSwap Discord channel created by the team behind The Bear Market NFT collection (check out the MINI GAME section). The mini-game is a teaser for several new exciting developments for the NFT collection and TBM bear holders. You can expect to see a beary awesome metaverse coming your way in 2022!
This game is open to all bear hodlers and non-bear hodlers alike. Of course, there will be special perks for bear hodlers such as the exciting competition that’s ongoing now!
This is definitely a game you want to play especially if you want to stand a chance at winning a golden ticket into the upcoming metaverse! More details to be shared early next year!

How the game works

The game is simple — collect as many berries as you can, and avoid being robbed. Berries can be collected in several ways (refer to the Commands section below). Inviting new users to the Discord channel gives you more berries, so start inviting all your friends! Each new invite earns you 500 berries (applicable for the first 50 invites *NEW* Previously capped at 10 invites).


There is a list of commands you can execute during the game on the #play channel, each with a different ability. Refer to the Description column below to see what each command does.


There is also a cooldown period for each command, meaning you have to wait for a set amount of time before you can execute another command.
Show available commands
Harvest 1-20 berries per hunt
!rob <user>
Rob 5-15 berries from another user, but be careful because you may get robbed instead! *NEW* 50% chance of robbing 5x the amount when target bear holds >=1,000 berries.
!bet <amount>
51% chance of geting double your bet amount, 49% chance of losing
!tip <user>
Transfer 10 berries
!buy <item>
Purchase an item
Display berry balance
Show what you have
Show what’s for sale
Your rank
Displays the top 10 players
Track your invites


You may also choose to spend your berries at the Store to buy Items with unique abilities.
+1 berry per !rob
+4 berries per !rob
+10 berries per !rob
Halves the amount of berries that can be stolen from you
+20% chance of reverse robbing
Harvest double the berries
Enter the game here:

Ongoing competition

To commemorate the launch of the mini-game, we will be running a one-month competition where pawrents will stand a chance to win a unique The Bear Market NFT! All you need to do is to join the Discord game and start foraging berries. The top 2 players each week will walk away with a unique NFT! More details and requirements below:

Competition Details

  • 22 Dec 2021 - 19 Jan 2022
  • 8 unique The Bear Market NFTs to be won
  • Top 2 with the most amount of berries collected each week will win a unique NFT
  • Leaderboard resets every Wednesday, 8am UTC
  • 10% of berries collected in each week will be carried over to the next week

Player Eligibility

  • Must be a bear hodler to stand a chance to win a bear
  • To like, RT, and tag 3 friends in this post:
  • Do remember to link your Twitter handle and input your wallet address in the #verification channel. These will be used for verification purposes when distributing the prizes.

Enter the Metaverse

Operation Berry Bears is just the first mission in the Bears’ expedition to the galaxy unknown. The virtual universe is about to get much bigger and better — and everyone is invited!
Even if you’re not a bear hodler, join the game and keep collecting berries for a chance at future rewards or a Golden Ticket to the metaverse! More details to be released in Q1 2022.
Berry Count
The cumulative number of berries collected by each player is kept in our top-secret records, even as the leaderboard resets each week. At the end of each epoch (each week’s game round), 10% of players’ berries are retained as prestige points that will be credited as berries in the next epoch.