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The ARK, for art.

Welcome to ARKY โ€” an inclusive NFT marketplace created for creators and collectors, and their digital art. Designed with the end-users in mind, ARKY redefines the NFT space by delivering comprehensive features through a seamless experience.

Whether you are a seasoned enthusiast or a new explorer, hop on board and begin your journey with us on ARKY.

An overview

DREAM BIG they said, and that's what we did! There are just too many features to fit within the initial release so we'll be rolling out ARKY in stages. Here's a breakdown of the features and projects we are looking to support and when they will be rolled out:

DateMilestonesCollections Supported

25 Oct

  • Discovering NFT collections

  • Viewing of an individual collection

  • Viewing of individual NFT details

  • Listing, Bidding, and Offering of NFTs

  • Support for $ZWAP $(w)ZIL and $XSGD as trading tokens

  • Profile management and customization

The Bear Market

26 Oct Onwards

  • Support for other Zilliqa projects to be onboarded (listed) onto ARKY

  • Price history of individual NFT

  • Event history of individual NFT

Projects lined up include DragonZIL, ZilDucks, UniCutes, ZilMorphs, as well as our ZILO projects โ€” DeMons and ZilliqaRoyale!

Q4 2021

  • Minting of NFTs directly on ARKY (individual and collection)

  • Reward claimer



  • ARKY NFT ranking system

  • Multichain NFT Marketplace



There are two main pages on ARKY โ€” Discover and My Profile โ€” packed with features that will be useful for you. Read this section to learn more.

1 / Discover

Discover is the homepage where you will begin your journey on ARKY. Here you will find Art Collections ranked according to stats such as trading volume, floor price, collection size, and more.

If you are looking for specific art or collection not listed on the Discover page, you may use the search bar to make a direct search.

Profile search is not supported during the alpha release.

2 / Collections

Clicking on one of the collections on the Discover page or a search result from the search bar will lead you to the Collections page, containing an overview of the collection including the collection's size, number of owners, floor price, and volume traded.

You will also be armed with powerful filters to help you cut through the noise and get you to the NFTs that is most relevant to what you're looking for. One feature which we are excited for you try is the Attribute Filter which shows you the different attribute types (categories) available as well as the available attributes under each category. Two more % stats have been included so that you can quickly pick out the rare attributes from the rest:

  • Attribute Rate: % of NFTs in this collection having this attribute

  • Filter Rate (coming soon): % of NFTs in this collection having this attribute and meeting all filtered criteria

3 / Individual NFT Details

The individual NFT view is a one-stop page for EVERYTHING you need to know on an NFT. You may also place your bid or buy an NFT directly based on the listed price!

  • Buy Now: As the name implies, you can buy the NFT at the displayed price as long as they have been listed by the owner.

  • Place Bid: You may choose to place a bid lower than the listed price โ€” but remember, it is at the discretion of the owner to accept your bid.

Other useful information on the NFT details page include:

  • Bids: A history of existing bids

  • Price History (coming soon): A tracker for you to view price activities and trends related to the NFT and the collection it belongs under.

  • Event History (coming soon): A history of how an NFT has exchanged hands since minting.

4 / My Profile

Your profile page is where you will be able to do the following:

  • Collected: View all your NFTs collected in your wallet

  • For Sale: View all NFTs you have listed for sale

  • ZAPs: Quickly access all NFTs you have ZAPed

  • Bids made: Track all the bids you have placed on NFTs listed by others

  • Bid Received: Have an overview of all the bids you have received on your listed NFTs

  • Manage profile: Customise your profile including your banner, profile pic, description, and site links

5 / ZAPs

Like it? ZAP it! We know it will be convenient for users to be able to keep a collection of NFTs they love. So if you like something, ZAP it, and it'll be added under the ZAPed section under your profile page.

6 / Verified

Projects and artists that have been verified on ARK will have a verified symbol. This is to help users distinguish official collections from potential knock-offs. Weโ€™ll be opening applications for verification in due time so stay tuned to this page.

An ARK that gives back

October Exclusive: Launch Perks for All!

We told you that this birthday month will be special and what better way to celebrate the launch of ARKY with some giveaways :)

1 | Buyer Incentive

๐Ÿช‚ AIRDROP ALERT: A total of 100 ZWAP will be airdropped to the first 100 unique NFT buyers on ARKY!

* Each wallet is only entitled to one airdrop.

2 | Seller Incentive

For the first four weeks, we'll be giving the platform fees earned on ARKY back to the sellers!

  1. Valid for trades from 25 October 2021 to 24 November 2021

  2. The airdrop will be in $ZWAP (up to 800 $ZWAP per week)

  3. The $ZWAP airdrop will happen within 90 days of 24 November 2021

Exclusive Perks for ZWAP & The Bear Market Hodlers!

To thank our community who are embarking on this journey with ARKY, we've got many upcoming goodies in store exclusively for ZWAP and The Bear Market (TBM) holders. Please note that these are done solely as a gesture of goodwill, and are subject to changes at any time. This should not be taken as an expectation of future yield!

Platform fees | For TBM holders

30% of all platform fees earned on ARKY will be donated to those who have held TBM NFT(s) for more than 30 days.

  • 15% to ZWAP holders & liquidity providers; and

  • 15% to TBM holders

Royalties | For TBM holders

100% of artist royalties (Exclusive Perks on ARKY) earned from ongoing sales of TBM NFT on ARKY will be donated to TBM owners of more than 30 days.

Claim Process

A weekly claiming mechanism is currently in the works and we hope that it will be completed before the end of Q4. Holders are eligible for the donation if they've held TBM NFT(s) for more than 30 days before each distribution.

The first claim will constitute all platform fees and royalties received from Day 1 of ARKY's launch. Subsequent claims will be done on a weekly basis.

Keep your eyes on ZilSwap's social channels for more details in the weeks to come!

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