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Introducing MetaSportZ City & $MSZC

MetaSportZ City is the world’s first sports, entertainment and tokenized gaming metaverse
MetaSportZ City is a Sports and Entertainment metaverse city project with a single token currency, the MSZC token. As the world's first "Sportaverse" - this project features a variety of NFT and tokenized gaming for the next sports, gaming and entertainment experiences on Web 3.5.
The City is made up of five five interconnected, fully interactive “Stadium Domes” which features the next generation sport, racing, play-to-earn gaming, betting and entertainment.
  • MetaDog.Racing Dome: Virtual NFT Greyhound Racing game, where players can play-to-earn, buy and own NFT dogs, breed unique dogs, start their own kennels, training or vet businesses, and participate in races!
  • MetaDef1 Racing Dome: Get ready to race in this Formula 1 inspired virtual game! Targeted to the millions of fans and gamers, this DeF1 NFT play-to-earn game allows players to buy NFT cars, build a team, race, become a race day host, gain sponsorships and co-own community courses.
  • MetaHorses Dome: A virtual racecourse where players can participate in races, own your horses, breed unique horses, grow stables or run training, vet or supplement business and even buy land, build or co-own a community racecourse.
  • MetaFightZ Dome: MetaFightZ is a street fighter style game with play-to-earn NFT boxing blockchain game in the Metaverse. The game allows players and investors the ability to own in-game assets, create custom FighterZ, train, improve and mint unique NFT boxers, be a part of a community owned boxing clubs, create a team or grow a commercial business, or build your team gym.
  • The MetaWorld of Snooker, Darts, and Billiards Dome: Host of virtual games, with pool halls, competitions, challenges and tournaments and opportunity to stream real live games.
What's more, the 5 interconnected Domes will also feature sports bars, sportsbooks, casinos, pool halls, NFT galleries, an NFT Marketplace, retail outlet concessions, sponsor billboards, many commercial and private land plots, open spaces and land for future partner game developments!
MetaSportZ City brings an exciting stable of play-to-earn games which is designed by the experienced MetaSportZ (MSZC) team, and built by Metapolis and powered by the Zilliqa L1 blockchain.
Stadium Dome

What makes this project special?

MetaSportZ City fulfils the huge demand and void in the multi-billion dollar blockchain gaming market. With the overall blockchain gaming market lacking quality and immutable fraud-free, play-to-earn gaming and asset ownership features (other than Zolar!), MetaSportZ City aims to fill that void with their project.


Players can own NFTs which can be used to participate in greyhound dog, Formula One, horse races, and/or many other sports built within the MetaSportZ City utilizing the MSZC utility token!
This unlocks substantial NFT play-to-earn opportunities to enter, play, win, buy, sell, breed, or even create. Users can buy virtual land, grow your own operations, build a kennel, create a race team, run a business, co-own a community racecourse or simply have fun.

Why just play a game, when you can own it?

  • MSZC is a single-utility token which provides unprecedented entertainment, gaming, asset ownership and play-to-earn opportunities.
  • NFT Gaming where users can experience Free-to-play, play-to-win and play-to-earn sports like racing, boxing, football, together with many other gaming and betting options!
  • Vibrant and prosperous environment that provides the best possible play-to-earn opportunity. This includes assets that can be bought, sold, customized, and tradeable with players, owners and content creators.
  • Branded NFT marketplace for collectible in-game assets, and avatars.
  • Multi-sport metaverse capability which provides the project with future scalability with partners, eSports tournaments and concerts.
  • Gain ownership over every game component - any asset, land plots, avatars, player items, and more in an ownable tokenized format

Member Utility

Members can gain access to real and virtual Sporting Events, Racing and Gaming Tournaments taking place in MetaSportZ City Stadium Domes. All in-game play and assets in the metaverse such as stadiums and racetracks are ownable assets that can only be purchased using the MSZC utility token.
Sports and racing fans, esports, gamers and proponents of virtual sports can participate in multiple play-to-earn opportunities within one metaverse. Why just play the game, when the MSZC token provides opportunities such as:
  • Buy NFT assets to play, build a team, create a kennel
  • Member community to race, fight and win
  • Build and manage racetracks, race meets
  • Events
  • Gain sponsorships
  • Host races in your very own community-owned racecourses
  • ...and many more!

A "Players First" approach

The team has designed a "Players First" approach to the City, featuring multiple gamestyles to power a prosperous tokenised ecosystem.
MetaSportZ City aims to provide more diverse ways to own and earn easily, including instant win, loyalty rewards and multiple earning stream options including: club memberships, track and VIP upgrades, trade NFT gaming and racing assets, compete in races, host events in MetaCourses, pit servies, lap trials, bookmaking - you name it, MetaSportZ probably has it!

$MSZC Token Utility

The $MSZC token allows all assets to be owned by the community, and ensures a continual cycle of demand for the token across a wide array of both physical and virtual sports, NFT entertainment, games, gambling and other commercial transactions.
  • Trade NFT assets in MetaSportZ City's very own NFT Marketplace
  • Enter tournaments
  • Participate in paid-for entertainment events
  • Own in-game assets and virtual land
  • Create your own commercial business! Token holders and land owners can get creative with entrepreneurship - from stadium and meta signage, to kennels, racing team ownership, shops and merchandise stalls, the sky's the limit! (A business license is required to operate and earn income from NFT plots)
  • Opportunities for content creators to explore and add assets to the Stadium Domes
Community users now have a new opportunity to earn like never before with free-to-earn, play-to-earn and NFT assets that allow them to buy and start their own business – all safely registered on the blockchain.


Currently, the initial build of the first Stadium Dome and framework for MetaSportZ City is in the late stages of its development.
Action Plan


  • Q2: MetaSportZ City founded
  • Q3: Signed Metapolis GAAS Agreement, MetaRace World racing game contracts signed
  • Q4:
    • ZILO Launch and listing
    • MetaDog game launch
    • MetaDeF1 and MetaFighterZ game development
    • Open NFT Marketplace economy which will kick off the trading of NFTs and assets


  • Q1:
    • More gaming partnerships
    • Announce new services
    • Introduce token utility
    • Develop virtual land and commercial opportunities
  • Q2:
    • Second Dome - DeF1 Car racing Beta and live release
    • Public launch activity
    • Introduce selling of virtual land
  • Q3:
    • New game trailer for third Dome
    • Game, asset sale and pre-launch plans
  • Q4:
    • Third Dome launch
    • Partnership Announcements
    • Introduce Commercial opportunities


  • Q1: Announce Dome 4 and Dome 5
  • Q2: Release Beta Game 4
  • Q3: Game 4- Public Release, Grow Community and Commercial Opportunities
  • Q4:
    • Private Release
    • Dome 5 Game and public release in Q1 2025


Total Supply: 420,000,000 MSZC
  • 35% - Presale, Private Sale & Liquidity [2% private sale, 27.5% Zilo Presale, 5.5% Initial Liquidity]
  • 10% - Airdrop, Ecosystem Build & Marketing
  • 30% - Rewards Pool
  • 6% - Team Allocation
  • 14% - Founders Allocation
  • 5% - Partnerships
Tokenomics breakdown

Launch Details

Sale duration: 12 October 2022 [08:00 UTC] – 14 October 2022 [23:59 UTC]
Amount to be raised: $1,155,000
Tokens to be sold: 115,500,000
Tokens to go into LP: 23,100,000
Price per token: 1 MSZC = $0.01 USD
Token address: zil1684j7rzllprhzuwydgx9hfmxt6hexv2zh88dlm
Refund Threshold: 20%
Method: Overflow

Earn your whitelist

ZWAP holders will be granted a whitelist spot which allows them a 5% discount to the tokens provided that they are currently holding a minimum amount of 100 USD worth of ZWAP tokens for 2 days! (until 12 October, 2AM UTC) Time to snap up some ZWAP for the presale!

ZILO Participation Bonus!

After ZILO, the top 50 wallets (in the ZILO contribution) will be airdropped a MSZC City Pass NFT. These City Pass NFTs can be utilized anywhere in the City (You can even mint your first NFT dog to race in the Dome!)

Project Details

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