2021 Overview

A rundown to our 2021 milestones

2021 Milestones

The ZilBridge mainnet launch was rolled out over the span of a few weeks in 2021. Here is a summary of our milestones:
29 Sep ZilBridge Mainnet Launch
Users can begin:
  • Bridging WBTC, ETH, and USDT assets between Zilliqa and Ethereum networks;
  • Providing liquidity in zWBTC-ZIL, zETH-ZIL, and zUSDT-ZIL pools on ZilSwap; and
  • Trading zWBTC, zETH, and zUSDT on ZilSwap.
6 Oct
ZilBridge Incentives go LIVE
Bridging incentives and Lightning Liquidity Mining Rewards will kick in on Wednesday, 6 Oct — meaning liquidity providers will start to earn $ZIL and $ZWAP rewards on zWBTC-ZIL, zETH-ZIL, and zUSDT-ZIL pools, and be able to claim these rewards the following week.
13 Oct
Incentive Distribution
Starting 13 Oct, eligible liquidity providers will receive the following liquidity pool incentives:
  • $ZWAP: The three new pools will be eligible to receive ZWAP rewards as long as they meet the criteria outlined in LIP-9 of ZilSwap’s Lightning Liquidity Programme. Reward amounts will be automatically determined before the start of the epoch (every Wednesday) based on the LIP-9 proposal.
  • $ZIL: A bonus of 45.3m $ZIL (US $3.75m) (target APR of 50%) has been set aside to reward liquidity providers on the three pools. These rewards will be distributed over a span of 6 weeks so users are strongly encouraged to get into the pools early to maximise their yields