Zilliqa's leading NFT blockchain-based game

The year is 3000...

and bears are fast going extinct due to depleting resources on Earth! Gazing into the far beyond for answers, a speck of gold shoots across the sky, right before their eyes. A new hope is found, as enlightenment sinks in — the bears are part of a much larger Zolar metaverse, and the world they once knew has fallen to dust.
With sights set on exploring the Zolarverse, our cute & cuddly bears had to transcend into Metazoa — the chosen explorers of Zolar — and leave their earthly beings behind. Unpredictable and dangerous, their faith in the voyage is secured by the promise of a new life.
Through an ever-expanding series of missions, Metazoas will embark on an exciting adventure teeming with new discoveries, unexpected twists and tad' of treacherous danger.

The Game

Zolar is a tournament-style, Player Versus Player (PvP) blockchain-based game centered around unique NFTs which can be used to explore the endless expanse of Zolar. Players can participate in a variety of exciting missions to uncover hidden treasures (and dangers), which can later be used to upgrade and customize your Metazoa in future.
Find out everything about the expansive world of Zolar below 👇 Guide: