Minting NFTs

Allowing Artists to create Art seamlessly via the ARK(y).
Minting an NFT on ARKY is easy! The following guide will explain how you can go about creating your first NFT Collection right here on ARKY.
NFT collections minted via ARKY will be ZRC6 and ZRC7 compliant.
ARKY's NFT Mint feature is currently in Beta mode. If you encounter a bug, share it via ZilSwap's Discord.

How to Mint

Option 1: Mint on ARKY

On, click "Mint" on the top menu bar to access the public mint feature.
Clicking this will take you to the NFT collection setup page where you will be able to set your:

Enter Collection Details

  • Collection Name*
  • Collection Description
  • Artist Name*
    This is derived automatically from your profile username. By default, your wallet address will be set as your Artist Name. You may update your username via your Profile.
  • Token Symbol*
    The contract symbol that will be viewable on Viewblock (e.g. for The Bear Market collection, the token ID is set as $BEAR).
  • Royalties* As an Artist, you may collect up to 20% royalties on future trades, and continue to be rewarded as your collection grows. Be mindful though that this royalty fee will be charged to sellers and should be conveyed to your community transparently.
  • Socials
    You may link Discord, Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram pages/channels to your NFT collection. Please ensure your links are valid else the links will be broken.
*Compulsory fields

Enter NFT Details

After completing the collection details, you'll be able to customise your NFTs further. This includes attaching and customising attributes that will add meaning to your NFTs and make them unique!
  • Upload Files Here is where you can drag and drop your NFTs for upload. To help speed up your NFT creation, ensure that your files are already named according to the desired NFT names prior to uploading. Your NFTs will be minted according to the names listed.
You may upload up to 50 MB per file, but note that the larger the file size, the longer it will take for your Collection to load on ARKY after minting.
  • Set Attributes Next you can create attributes to help add meaning to your Art. This is not compulsory and can be skipped if you are minting distinct pieces of Art.
    • DOs: Create attributes that help to describe your NFTs. For example:
      • Attribute: Bear Species
      • Values: Brown; Polar; Alien
    • DONTs: Avoid creating attributes that describe the rarity of your NFTs as this can be derived from the attributes you set. For example:
      • Attribute: Rarity
      • Values: Common; Rare; Legendary
  • Manage NFTs Once your NFTs have been uploaded, you can assign the attributes previously created to your NFTs. The rarity of each attribute will be calculated/derived and displayed later on ARKY (refer to image below).
A sample of how attributes will be listed on ARKY

Confirm & Mint

Once you are done with the fields above, you can proceed to mint your collection. Please leave your window open while minting is in progress as you will be required to accept the ownership on Step 4.
Each step is explained below: Step 1: The ARKY worker will pin your provided metadata to IPFS.
Step 2: The ARKY worker will create and mint the NFTs on your behalf, and will transfer ownership of the contract to you later in Step 4. This allows you to avoid paying network fees for deploying the contract and minting the NFTs.
Step 3: Please wait for your NFTs to be minted.
Step 4: Accept the contract ownership. At this point, full ownership and minting rights for the contract is transferred to you, and ARKY can no longer mint more NFTs under this collection.
Step 5: Minting process completed. You will be able to view your NFT collection now.
Please note that the contract creator is not the user as no fees are paid from the user's wallet.
ARKY will never own the contracts or use royalties as liquidity.
Minting progress on ARKY.

Other Useful Info

Max Collection Size

You may create a collection of up to 200 NFTs.

Max NFT Size

Each NFT should not exceed 50MB. We will recommend for you to keep it smaller for faster mint time.

Supported File Types

You can use a variety of file formats to create your NFTs. The following are the file types currently supported on ARKY:
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • GIF

Mint Costs

Minting via ARKY is currently free. You will only be required to pay for a standard gas fee when the contract ownership is being transferred to you (after the contract has been successfully minted). Ensure you have ~300 ZIL in your wallet prior to minting for safe measure.

Getting Verified

Collections minted via ARKY's public mint feature will not have the Verified symbol by default. Application for verified status will be available in the near future and will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Option 2: Fill out this form

If you're unable to mint your NFTs on ARKY, you may fill out the form here.
Due to a large volume of requests, our team may take up to 1-2 weeks to respond.