ZILO #3: DeMons (DMZ)

Completed on 6 September 2021

An Introduction to DeMons

Introducing our long-anticipated third ZILO, DeMons — a decentralised community-driven collectible NFT metaverse on the Zilliqa blockchain! DeMons looks to reinvent NFTs by combining the three things you love: (i) DeFi, (ii) games, and (iii) NFTs and forming a comprehensive NFT ecosystem for collectors, investors, gamers, and traders alike.

What is DMZ?

$DMZ is the utility and governance token that will allow community members to buy, sell, and trade DeMons (NFTs) as well as vote within the DeMonVerse. Read on to learn more about the DMZ token utilities.

1 | Buy DeMons (NFT)

Your journey begins when you capture a DeMon. There are five mythical species of DeMons in total, of which two are currently known to mankind. Only 100 DeMons belonging to the GodZilliqa breed will be released purchasable (in ZIL) on DeMonVerse. The three remaining DeMons species however will remain a mystery and launched at a later date. More importantly, these three species will be voted for by DMZ holders AND they can ONLY be purchased exclusively in DMZ (GodZilliqa-sized alpha leak).

2 | An NFT that Keeps on Giving

Owning a DeMon will open you to a world of possibilities.
DeMons by default start at Level 0 and will require owners to level them up to unlock additional features and rewards via fixed amounts of DMZs:
  • Level 1: Unlocks your NFT in the DeMonVerse
  • Level 2: Unlock your NFT's reward mechanism
  • Level 3: Unlock your voting rights
  • Level 4: Unlock merch store listing of your NFT and provide owners with an additional revenue stream
  • Level 5: Unlock the ability to customise your DeMon's name — imagine having this name as part of the blockchain fabric forever.
Not only that, leveling up also increases your DeMon's resale value >:)
Another GodZilliqa-sized alpha leak: As the first owner of a DeMon, you will also be rewarded 200 DMZ during your NFT purchase. 200 DMZ is sufficient to level up your DeMon to Level 1 (Cost: 100 DMZ), which also means you'll only be just 100 DMZ away from unlocking Level 2 and its perks!

3 | NFT Resale Marketplace

As part of DeMonVerse's aim to be an all-encompassing NFT game ecosystem, an integrated trading and selling marketplace has been developed for an added immersive experience. This will allow users to immediately trade their DeMons without having to encounter additional fees and the hassle to register on multiple platforms — giving 100% visibility to DeMon owners.

4 | HODL and Yield Rewards

Level up your DeMons and REAP even more rewards! Once your DeMon has been upgraded to Level 2, simply holding them within your wallet will allow you to earn additional DMZ rewards. What's better is that more rewards will continue to be distributed for at least the next 5 years!

5 | Vote on Devil's Court

As a community-driven project, decentralized governance plays a major role in the DeMonVerse. DMZ holders will vote on key changes, improvements, and strategies via an innovative voting system (more details to be released by the DeMons Team). Unlike other NFT projects in the market, DeMons holders will also be voting and deciding on the rarity of each NFT. The voting portal will be deployed to determine NFT community ratings and feedback, and also to collectively craft the future story of DeMons.


DMZ will have a fixed total supply of 16,666,660 DMZ, of which 2,499,999 DMZ will be circulating after the liquidity offering.
  • ZILO (10%): 1,666,666.0
  • Initial liquidity (5%): 833,333.0
  • Liquidity rewards (6%): 999,999.6
  • NFT holder pool (15%): 2,499,999.0
  • Play to earn (12%): 1,999,999.2
  • Ecosystem building (12%): 1,999,999.2
  • Private sale (8%): 1,333,332.8 (Vested over 1 year*)
  • Foundation (12%): 1,999,999.2 (Vested over 1 year*)
  • Advisor (5%): 833,333.0 (Vested over 1 year*)
  • Team (15%): 2,499,999.0 (Vested over 2 years*)
* Linear curve vesting every 2 months, with an initial lockup period of 6 months.
Note: A round of private sales led by ZILHive was conducted at $0.50 / DMZ. More details on the initial sale will be made available in the near future.

Launch Details

Start time: 9am UTC, Monday, 6 September 2021
End time: 9am UTC, Tuesday, 7 September 2021
Amount to be raised: $1,200,000 USD
  • ZIL committed (to project): $840,000 USD
  • ZWAP committed (to burn): $360,000 USD
Tokens to be sold: 1,666,666 DMZ (10% of total supply)
Price per token: 1 DMZ = $0.72 USD ($0.50 worth of ZIL + $0.22 worth of ZWAP)
Method: Overflow

Project Details

Learn more about DeMons through the links below.
Project: DeMons (DMZ)
Disclaimer: All projects are subject to market risk and volatility. Please practice caution and do your own research and full due diligence before considering investing your funds in any project. ZilSwap will not be held responsible for any investment losses.