A Celebeartion of Epic Proportions!
3 September 2021

ZilSwap's Turning 1, NFT Marketplace, and a Beary Adorable Bear Collection!!??

ZilSwap was launched by Switcheo Labs in pawtnership with Zilliqa in October 2020 (YES, WE ARE TURNING 1 SOON!). Earlier this year, ZilSwap underwent a brand refresh exercise that saw an update to the brand's logo, colours, and tone, not forgetting an entire UI facelift that included all-new and improved Dark and Classic themes.
Since then, ZilSwap has pushed out multiple new features including ZILO β€” a platform for up-and-coming projects to offer initial liquidity on their ZRC-2 tokens. Past offerings have seen massive success with the Zilliqa community banding together in support β€” $STREAM and $BLOX were oversubscribed by 14x and 6.5x respectively, and a third ZILO, $DMZ, is set to happen on 6 September, 9am UTC. With even more features in the pipeline, ZilSwap is well-positioned to further strengthen its position as THE DeFi hub of Zilliqa.

A Celebeartion of Epic Proportions!

1 | ZilSwap NFT Marketplace

We know you've been waiting! ZilSwap's very own NFT Marketplace was announced as part of the project's roadmap this year. Built to capture the fast-growing NFT audience, the ZilSwap NFT Marketplace will begin rolling out basic features and undergo subsequent iterations post-launch. The platform is also set to support $ZWAP as an NFT trading currency!
A sneak-peak of the ZilSwap NFT Marketplace in development.
Apart from giving users the ability to buy and sell NFTs, the ZilSwap NFT Marketplace will also include a cross-chain bridge functionality that will allow NFTs on Ethereum to be bridged over to Zilliqa (and vice-versa)! This is in line with ZilSwap's belief in building an inclusive ecosystem for all users and projects no matter where they are from. #strongertogether
More details on the marketplace will be shared on Twitter in due time.

2 | The Bear Market: A Switcheo x Zilliqa Commemorative NFT Collection

We're giving you even more reasons to celebrate! Ahead of the ZilSwap NFT Marketplace launch, Switcheo Labs and Zilliqa will be celebrating their 1-year pawtnership with the release of The Bear Market (TBM) β€” a standalone generative NFT collection of 10,000 beary adorable bears! TBM will also be the very first collection available for trading when the ZilSwap NFT Marketplace goes LIVE.
A preview of The Bear Market.
On 15 September 2021, 9,800 of these bears will be made available for public minting on Minting fee will be in $ZIL so please have your wallets loaded and ready as they're expected to sell out fast!
For more news, follow the bears on @bearmarketnft and engage with the community on Discord (#🐻the-bear-market channel). Here's an alpha leak for reading till the very end :) β€” there'll be a series of giveaways leading up to the release so keep your eyes peeeeled!